I like this a lot. It's a different game every time depending on who you play with, so it never gets boring! the outcome can surprise you

What is Thick Skin?

This card game was conceived in the shower of a quaint Christchurch flat by one hungover man with a dream to insult and upset his friends.  

Be prepared to question your whole life as you’re the one nominated to be the most likely to commit deplorable acts, live sexual fantasies and be left for dead. There are no winners in this game. Just try not to be the worst human being in the group. 

It goes like this: Situation cards are read out loud, ranging from hilarious to horrible and uncomfortable. Players then vote for who should be awarded that card.  You’ll need to develop some Thick Skin to last the whole game. 

How to play

It helps to get to know your squad before you stab them in the back. Use Icebreaker Cards to share stories about your terrible selves before the game.

  • The oldest person in the squad gets to allocate the Character Cards.
  • Collect 3 of the Character Cards (except your own) that now represent your squad, replace cards as you play. Have at least one of each player's Character Cards in your hands at all times.
  • Each member takes a turn reading out a Situation Card.
  • Anonymously nominate members in each round by placing a card face down. Try not to make eye contact it just makes it worse.
  • The cards are then tallied and the Situation Card and points are awarded to the member with the most nominations. Congratulations!

You can cry yourself to sleep later.
Work your way through the deck, when you finish, the person with the most points is your winner.

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Thick Skin - Squad Goals Edition

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